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The Planner’s Moments DVD video-series is an innovative and interactive video resource designed to help planning and zoning officials in Northwest Lower Michigan learn about basic planning concepts to aid in the creation of highly effective practitioners. This video-series utilizes the knowledge of our regional experts, focusing conversation on hot topics in land use, planning and zoning and different planning techniques that can be used to manage these issues and reach results that communities are interested in.

One-year subscriptions to Planner's Moments are now available. A subscription includes a monthly installment of a Planner's Moments DVD, accompanied by access to the associated resource materials of the monthly topic (our online video library). To subscribe to the Planner's Moments DVD Video-Series.

Here is a partial list of Planner’s Moments topics: 

  • Access Management Planning;
  • Affordable Housing;
  • Agriculture and Zoning;
  • Creating Active Communities;
  • What's New With Signs;
  • Farmland Protection;
  • Streetscapes;
  • How to Conduct an Effective Public Hearing;
  • Joint Planning;
  • Why Master Plans Sit on the Shelf;
  • Shoreline Buffers and Setbacks
  • Gravel Mining and Zoning 



Season Four Info

(June 2013 to May 2014)

This exceptional educational program includes outstanding local and statewide experts and local leaders sharing the latest practical planning information.
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Sample Video:
Introduction to Smart Growth

Our experts: Matt McCauley, Associate Director, Regional Planning and Community Development, Northwest Michigan Council of Governments and Kurt Schindler, Regional Land Use Educator, MSU Extension.




For more information, please contact:

Dean Solomon, Senior Extension Educator
Michigan State University Extension


Mike Woods
NW Michigan Council of Governments